Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the moment you and his feeling grow. his ex girlfriend came back and flirt with him. syabas mane kau blaja, mi ?

Monday, April 4, 2011

the guy who you rejected still entertain you eventhough he knows you don't have a feeling for him.

macam mane aku tak sayang kau? k bye.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my last day at my workplace.
she's my god-mother, she's my best frriend, she's my partner to gossip with, she's my best listener.
i love you kak ana:'(

my manager went home first. we know he went back first becuase he don't wanna see us go. but i need to school and she need to take care of her daughter. so before we left the store, we bought a thank you card. wrote few things with our signature below. And we also print our photo on the spot(:

after work, we went to buy ice cream and chilled at smoking area. we talked about the past. we talked about how we first meet. our jokes. the last two days was worthwhile. i laughed so hard that my stomach hurts till now. after that, we took cab back home. we talked about the gain city guys. how they always stop by our store and disturb us. we also talked about last night dinner. and imagine what would i be if we follow them to jb just now. after reaching at kak ana stop, we hughed each other tightly. when she want to close the door, you can see our eyes covered by tears. hahahaha. i can't even tell the uncle where to go. Reacing home, received a msg from kak ana. she told me she cry like hell while she was walking home.

well, we can always meet again right. tmr going out with kak ana to SSC, 1st april, shopping with the girls. 9th BBQ for gathering :D looking forward please.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

yesterday night is the night will i'll never forget. really:'(

after i finished my work. i and kak ana meet the guys at the carpark. A and S waited for us in the car. while we wait for Z. then A drove us at Sembawang Bukit to had our last dinner together. Then Hajar joined us. And it was a Bata Chicks and Gain city guys ceh haha. we ordered a lot of food. plus, satay! free mesti sedaap haha. We had a lot of topic to talked about. it was a nice and simple dinner. we teased each other. Hajar who have a bass voice and me who eat and never care the surrounding LOL. Z was very talkative mayne.

Hajar whispered to me something about A which made me laughed. S who's sitting infront of me cluesless haha. then S asked me for lighter. and i was like 'i don't smoke' hahahahaha all was laughing. then hajar gave to him. we didn't finish the satay. we ordered 2 fried chicken with rice, 2 cajun grilled chicken and 1 mexican grilled chicken. and the satay was like 30 sticks ?

nearly midnight, we bounce. i sent Hajar first for taxi. While others waited in the car. after sending Hajar, board his car and off to sent Z first. kak ana "alamak!  nak hantar si anak dara ni dulu lagi" hahahaa .... Z "sampai hati". Z sit infront while S, me and kak ana at the back. ouhyah. before that we stop. cause S  needs to go to the toilet. then reached and Z blk. Then we sent kak ana. After that, otw sending me. suddenly S talked alot. They asked me and kak ana to join them go JB today. insyallah (: intead of stoping outside, A went inside. lol. He remembered where i stayed haha. went out the car, S bring down the window and said "goodnight" lol aku blushing hhahahaaha

last night was the second and last dinner with them. im gonna miss them. today is my last day at my workplace. im gonna cry. hehe. i love you people. im gonna miss them stop by our shop and make jokes or tease us. awww. im gonna make every second worthwhile today at work. ok im off now. xoxo