Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Handsome kan ? I know.;)

Yeah its finally Tuesday. And im gonna meet my hunks!! ;DD
So anw people, i went to Town. All around .
To celebrate my BF birthday. Weee~~
So we decided to went to town instead of CWP. =.=
So Acul called to Wake me up. HAHA !
Thank you hunks. So meet up at 1 BNS.
So i havent bath when he called. So he said don't be late.
So i bath. And stuff reached there. Noone was there. wth.
So called up Hinz asked where he is. Then he said he need to go Work last minutes called up.
I went like "SIAL arh!"
I went to toilet. Otw he was behind me. Pantat ko larh pandai.
Then since Acul and Amat late. And i mean it LATE .
I and Hinz went in CWP to bought some bangles.
Soon Acul called up. They reached. Then off we took the train.
Oh! Amat sister was there too. Pheww!
So the 5 of us. Was very the kecoh in the train. Seriously siaa.
We played DJ-MAX in the train. Like heck care.
Once reached Acul said go makan first.
So went to FarEast to grab some bite. Went to HMV.
Lucky Plaza and other places. Then Hinz bought Snow Cap.
Hinz i got to say this. Kau pakai SAGG sak! Handsome nak pengsan.
Otw in the train. AGAIN the DJ-MAX attitude came.
I and Hinz challenge. HAHA ! Cute sakk ko.
Reached back to CWP.Since we planned last minutes to watched movie ! Yey!
But Hinz cannot tagged along. Siak. Anw!
We watched YES Man. Was hilarious i tell ya!
Double fun than expected. Especially when they naked lat part. ;DD
Kekek siols. Worth it. Go go watched.
After the movie, its was about 7.30. Still early.
So we chilled at Civic Garden. Where the four of us sat and chat.
About future and Past. Sad to Happy.
Work to Study. Craps some jokes.Everything !!
But i and Acul do the talking.
Amat and sis played my PSP. Like they don't even listen to what we talked.
Then i and Acul talked about our brothers bike to Her sister wedding.
To my brother engagement. The story never ends uhs.
Cause when i and Acul start a topic. I know its a boring topic. -.-
Anw kan, we chop chop . Around 8.30 we decided to go Vista Point by WALKING.
Ya WALKING. I went like HUH?
So while walking. Very the Scary i tell ya.
The lights are not that bright. Scary yawwww.
So once reached. its about 9.00. Then reached home.
Bath. Now boring.
So i post !! ;)

Take Care Siols ;)