Thursday, December 11, 2008

Handsome ryte ? I know. =D
Alright. Today was so tiring . i tell ya !!!
Start worked at 4 in the afternoon.
Wake up at 10. Because ?
I have to meet Kak Ana at Orchard at 12.
So force my self to wake up.
Meet her. But she's the one who late.
So went to Far East to grab my school bag. But !
People buy already. Sian-Lor ~!
So went to 77th street.
To bought my Billabong pencil case.
No bagpack which are nice.
So went to HMV. Bought a Dickies bagpack instead.
Weeee ~!! HAHAHAH !
Went to Ripcurl. Where Kak Ana wanted to buy a cap.
And im gonna buy the volcom shirt and shoes.
Plus, nike slipper.
Then grab lunch. At KFC. Taka.
Not tekka. Had a Transformer in Action. 'Peformance'.
Talked about her past.
Good to go out with your soon sis-in-law. =DD
Went back to Far East.
Bought a Kappa school shoes.
Mak oit !
Next year sume branded kape ??!
Ouh! Kak Ana treat me that Dickies bagpack.
Erm, went chill at Orchard ctrl station there.
Around 3.15+.
Board the train. Kak Ana met her friends at City Hall.
And i off to worked.
Errr , theres' two new worker.
Both from Funchun sec. Waiting for O's.
The whole day in the store room with Wan.
Packed up the stocks !! wth?
Tmr not working !!!!
Sunday last. Huahuahua !!
So tmr hang out with mates at McD Admiralty.
So , went back with Aziemah.
Grab a drink. Chilled.
Went home at about 10.30.
Tired ya noe ?