Monday, December 15, 2008

I was bored.
So i found this great dance move video.
Check it out !
Alright heres' the thing.
I didnt' go out today.
All i did was sitting at home watching tvee and playing comp.
Boring i know.
Feel like working back huh ?
Watch survivor. And Bob Wins !!!!!!
And he also wins the favourite by the audience.
And get 1 million and 100 000. wth ?
Imagine you have that kind of money.
WOW! erm ..
So chatted with syzabby again. HAHA.
Talked about stuff. And her brother going to Engage too !!
Congrates yaw !
The plan with her watching movie with Horny.
Maybe yes. Tee Hee~~
So got a msg from Aziemah.
Tmr she off.
And she promised me that if she off.
We gonna go out together. Yeah~~
She kept her promise. JYeah !
So tmr going town and stuff with her.
Can't wait larh seyy.
Night falls. I straighten my hair. Still short siaa.
Kimek btol.
So i think of wearing my old school uniform.
Not tight sia. HAHAHAHA !
So i didnt' gain weight ! Tada!
HAHAHA ! I did eat alot. But later come out below alot.
So i can wear back my uniform.
Alah , one year jer lagi. Ceyy Ceyy Ceyy .
HAHA! Just need to buy some PE shirt.
My PE is dirty. Cause i wear it at home.
Not to school . wth ?
So yeah !