Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today went out with GF.
After a long weeks of working.
So today went shopping since we get out paid already.
So met friends at Orchard. Took train.
Where theres these group of Rep's.
Please larh. Don't memalukan Masyarakat melayu. =.="
So so so .. Went to Far East.
Bought A dress and A shoe.
Which look like a Vans shoe or Jazz shoe.
Wanted to bought a Hot Pink color but never mind.
So after that, went to Peni. To search for another shoe.
But not catch my eyes.
So bought a shirt.
At my all time favourite shop.
So GF slipper torn out. HAHAHAHAHA!!
So went back to woodland .
Marisling. And at last !
She bought an Everlast Shoe.
Then went to MacD to grib a bites.
Chilled out.
Went back to CWP.
Took bus. When tada !!!!
This hawrtstuff guy . Chinese guy took the same bus.
And yeah. I told them.
I went like lalalalala.
See ? Chinese guys are more hotter.
Mature and whats more ?
GF also agree on that.
Ouh yeah.
Anw, soon went home. cause we're really dead tired larh sia.