Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alrightsss .
Yesterday morning. Acul called.
Its at 1.30am people. Imagine that.
When i talk with him. Angah thought i was dreaming.
HAHAHAHA ! Like wth ?
Chat. Since i worked in the morning.
We chat-ed for awhile only.
And Im tired now.
Woke up early. Like wtheaven uhs .
So went to worked place. Kedai belom bukak siaa.
So chilled at Coffee Bean.
Waited around 15 mins.
Fiona came. Did some cleaning.
Banyak jugak customer niari.
At 12 Qima came. Helped out.
Got this 3 promotion. Like wth arh.
Kene ingat. Cibi.
Then at 2 January came.
And at 4 Ridzwan came.
January served this man. HAHAHAHA !
Was hilarious i tell you. So fussy.
Then at 4+ i went home.
Fiona wants me to bring PSP on Friday.
Wanted to see what game i got.
Ouhyah !
Saw that Chinese guy at his work place.
Tee Hee ~ :))
Ehem ehem. He was quite tall siaa.
Even though he has this nerdy face. >.<
Tmr im not working.
Noone free tmr . Like shit arh siaa.
My paid left little only. =D
Went home. Went Cold Storage.
Saw YY brother. Skater ? Cool.
Anw, bought few donuts.
Ayah && Buu suke eh.
Night falls. Ayah && Buu did that word searched. =.="
I planned that i will stop working on the 19 december.
So yea.
Im tired.
Bye !