Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alright. Today was kinda fun uhs.
Last day of work.
Sadness came. Bla bla bla ..
Starts at 4. Ends at 10.
So worked worked worked .
Time ticks so damn fast. Soon i know was that i need to go home.
Well, im gona miss Wan,Si Ling,Aziemah,Hatiah,Wati n Ifa.
So much larh deyy.
Like i see them everyday of my holidays.
Im tired. So i didnt get a chance to take their picture and stuff.
Cause its Sunday. And sunday means lots and lots of people.
Family pick-ed me up .
So i did cried a bit.
Missing them already. Tee Hee~
So after meeting Family.
Along drove us to MacKenzie !!!!
Our Family favourite place to chilled.
Wanna know why ?
Cause Buu and Ayah first date was at there !!
During 1979. HAHAHAHA!!
Cool kan ? i know . :)
So we eat like noone business.
Burp here and there.
All cost $*** .
Then went back home straight cause im so weak.
So chatting with Syazabby.
Which i fall in love with her top !
She look-ed mature with her new hair style and top !
Seriously larh deyy .
Alright. Heres' the cake which abg shah do by him self.
Tengok ! Ber-bakat siol !
&& The *Gubahan*
Dont' know whats' that ? Check dictionary.
Along is blue.
Mayb im Purple ?
Hehe. Gatal nah.


The 4.5 inch tall heel !!

The Ring !! TADA !!