Saturday, December 20, 2008

If his my tuition teacher . I will be a good
Today wake up at 2. HAHAHA .
I know . But yesterday sleep at 4 taw ! ;D
And today another very busy day.
Well, not that busy. Abg Mamat tunang !
So where should i start eh? Okayyyyyyy.
At 3.30. Buu came home. Asking me to get ready.
Ayah in the car waiting. So dress up.
And meet ayah in the car.
We reached at the place. Right timing.
Cause the people are ready to go to the Girl house.
So tag along. Only Buu and me.Ayah malas. -.-
And next, once reached the girl house.
Some praying and talking. Gather. And soon, took some pictures.
But im too lazy. So very the cramp. wth.
Then then we go eat. No place to seat.
So some need to stand. -,-
Went back to Abg Mamat house. Eat again. HAHA!
Angah pon sampai with Kak Ramizah. and BF.
Then i and Buu sitt-ed and chatted.

Me:"Budak yang pakai baju strips tu sape ar?"
Buu:"Anak sedare cik."
Me:"Ingat kan anak driver bus tu."
*Both laughing*
Buu:"Tengok tu.dier nak mengurat kau."
Me:"*Giggle* Ibu sembarang jerr"
Buu:"btol. *Laughing
Me:"Caner Buu tawu?"
Buu:"Tadi dier tanye ko umur bape.
Then i say "Dier masey skola larh!
Then dier paisey.*Laughing*"

Well, his my cousin. So i don't date with my cousin.
HAHAHA! Well, too bad uhs. His hot. ;D
Anw, around 7.30+. We went back home.
Then in the car. Buu go and tell all about that guy to ayah.
I was like . Shhhhhhhh.-.-
And ayah said.
"Nanti ayah bilang dier. Jangan kawin ngn kau.
Tak tahu masak. Bangun lambat.

HAHAHAH! Cool shit kan ? -,-
So here i am. Doing nothing.
So post larh ! Duh !
K dah.