Sunday, December 21, 2008

Okay per joi ?

Guess what ? Today i had fun !! :)
Wake up eraly okayyyyy. But yesterday slept at 4am again.
Erm, today went out with Buu, Along, Angah && Cik Lela.
Went to Geylang cause Buu wants to buy Telekong.
So went there. BUT !
My planned today was going out with Kak I F A && Angah.
Go town. But in the end . It was cancel. wth larh.
So went down. Ayah don't want to come along. He sick . Awwww .
So soon as we reached there. Eat. Bought Buu telekong.
then went shopping. -,-
So shop shop shop. So hot i tell ya !
Then send Cik Lela home. Then we wash car. At ESSO ?
Erm, the people did not wash properly. Makan duit jer !
Then went home ! Eat again. Now im gaining weight okay !
So chop chop. Play DJ-MAX at my PSP.
So now ! currently chatting with Syaza sweetstuff.
And later want to paint my nails Black.
Anw, some secrets i and syaza shared. HAHAHA !
Well, thats what girls do ryte ?! Boys just slacking around.
So yeah. Just now browsing the internet.
And found out that Brad Pit was the first Hottest Male Celebraties.
Johnny Depp was the third and beckham fourth place.
The rest ? You go check yourself ! ;p
And to syaza : Keep that secret properly kay ? HAHAHAHA !!

Take Care Siol ! ;D