Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today didnt' have any plan of going out with frends.
So wake up around 2. -.-
Nobody at home. All went out already. So online.
Chatting wit Eiiqah and Dini.
Well, i and Dini shared and listen to each other problems.
Nak tawu ape ? Problem carik matair. ;D
Kidding !
Then i asked eiiqah to combined this year photo.
Lawa kan ?*Pointing above*

To Dini:
Relax yer. Every holiday mesti gini nyer.
Lupe diri kalau dah dapat kwn baru.
And i tell ya. My frend that i tell ya about tu.
Macam Puki! Nak prank call kwawn sume.
Musibot nyer kawan. Dah ade mataer Matrep cb lupe kwn.
Well, Tell your frend the truth klau da tkleh angs eh?
Anw, buu called and asked me to meet under the void deck at 3.30.
So bath-ed. And went down. I waited about 15 mins.-.-
Ibu fight with along. Haiya encik !
Jangan buat gini la. Pompan tu pon gatal sial!
Nak kan abang aku . Musibot ner minah !
Ayah drive us to Woodland Checkpoint. To eat Chapati.
Its been ages since i touch or even eat that food.
Then Buu saw *ehem ehem* picture on my wallpaper.
Buu chilled jer. And said "Matair ehk".. *Laughing*
Phwee .. So after that Buu and Me forched ayah to follow us jalan-jalan at the Underground.
So walked lor.
I bought a slipper. Which Dini friend wants.
Neh neh nih poo poo. >.<
Erm, after jalan-jalan.
Then we go makan angin. yeah . Eat air. ;D
We went near the sea at Marsiling. See the other side of the country.
Then ayah drive-d us back home safely.
Hmm, im bored now. tts why i blog.
New 5 tonight said.
That the countdown party at Marina Bay is cancel-ed.
Due to what ? Cause nobody buy. HAHAHA.
Yeah like. I rather celebrate with friends at RC and Playground.
Than spending $18 dollar there.
Okay its 12am SHARP.
And i heard people hearing Chrismas Song loudly.

Take Care Siols !