Friday, December 26, 2008

Today was tiring.Seriously.
Erm,went Jogging ! Wee~~
Went jogging with Unn. Long time no see him siaa.
We meet up at 8. Below my block. And we go cycling.
When we are ready to go cycle. It was drizzling. -.-
So heck care. We cycle from Woodland to Sembawang to Marsiling and back to home.
We cycle around. We had only 2 time to rest. Tired siaa. He so kind.
We went to Admiralty and he bought me Pacake Meal !
Gentleman kan . See ? Chinese are more gentleman. ;DD
Anw, we ate and chat-ed about school thingy. And !
How holidays been. He went to Batam. Best siaa.
For me ? Singapore pon lom abis jalan.
Ade hati nak jalan other country. Kayy back to the story.
After eating, I msg Fad. To chill at his block
So around 30 minutes we reached. Then after meeting.
We chatt-ed . And next year N-level. -.-
What course and stuff.
Had fun uhs. Then went to Unn house to return back the bike.
And he went home. While i went to Vista Park to jog-ed alone.
Next went home. Played comp. Rest. Then ter-sleep.
1 to 8.30. Wth. and i know i cannot sleep early.
Cause i had a good damn rest just now.
Aytes. Thats' all now.

Take care siol.