Saturday, December 27, 2008

Okayyyy. Today was fun .
Wake up at 10.30 . Along wake me up.
To buy school books. -.-
The shop close at 12.So fast.
Then get ready and along ride me to school.
With his bike. Maynee ! Nice sound sakk.
Alright. This year along belanja me buy school books,Pe shirt && Socks.
I tell ya. The sock was damn long !! -.-
And bought Pe shirt which were too big for me when i tried at home. Damnit !
After bought few stuff. Headed back hom. Since im very very sleepy.
So reahed home. Along heat-ed the food for me. And we ate together in the Living Room.
We chatt-ed . And played DJ-Max together. HAHAHA ! Im th winner larh. Ouh well.
Then along said that one of his friend wants to treat me Movie on monday. O.o
Whos' that friend ? I don't know.
Then im off to bed. And sleep. Been lazy nowadays. -.-
So gonna watch movie on monday and tuesday . AHHAHA.
Watch with eiiqah ,dini && Hajar? Maybeeeee.
On the 31 . Gonna celebrate countdown with ACIT !!!!!!!! Yeeyyyyyy !!!
Along went out to town. Well he change inside the room while i play-ed com.
And i realise his body grew bigger and stronger ? Yeah.
Took picture. (Above) Handsome ? I know. Xp
Okayyyy . Now its 7.28pm. And im alone in the room.
Hearing 98.7fm at com. How cool ?
Im bored. Vodka anyone ? ;DDDD
Kidding !
Take Care Siol ! ;DD