Monday, December 29, 2008

Im bored. Yes ! Really.
Scool goin to REOPEN about 2 days time ? Damn it !
So today i wake up early because of that *W00T * clock.
Spoilt.So every time i wake up. I thought it was 11.15am !
Then today i wake up at 2+.
And i realised that my PSP was GONE ! -.-
So angah told me that my PSP is with Kak IFA aka The Heroine.
Today im fasting ! Due to malay calendar. It is not a MUST thing to do.
Anw, Today im going out wit my Brother(s) !!! Long time siiaa.
Since along and angah free. But Kak IFA and one of Along friend gonna tagg along.
That friend of along gonna Blanja me ! Weee~~
So i only need to buy popcorn for Myself.We going at 9.25pm.
Twilight.At Bishan.
Ouhs ! My OLD worked place. :)
Then after the movie i don't know go where.
Dinner or supper ? Im the youngest so i just follow.
Im sure we gonna have lots and lots of fun !!
Erm, eiiqah msg-ed me just now. Tell me that she's selling 3 tickets,Twilight,4.35.
For $18 . W00t! But im gonna watch it at night.
And currently chatting with FafaaDini.:)
Adek Iparr~~ Heh .
And imHungry. Just need to Tahan a bit more.
And ouh! All the teachers eat at my mom shop just now !

And Mr See wants to speak a few words with me. -.-
And he said....
When i see you on friday i don't want to see:
Hair colour like you alway do.
Pin up Frinch.
School sock must be pull up.
Nails should be short.
Skirt must be below knees.
And ... Spread that to your classmate.
If i see anything wrong. I come up to you.

And i just siad a few YES to him.
Cause i know him for few years. Since sec 1 somemore.
Well, his a good man btw. Really.
Okayyy. I don't know why i speak good things about him.
Ouh! I hope its 7.30. So i could breakfast.
I found out that my friend is a joker.
A nice funniest guy. Wrote this at friendster..
Schools (Other):
Hobbies and Interests:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Movies:
WINX CLUB (if u take another step, u will never take another step )
Favorite Music:
Favorite TV Shows:

Take Care Siol!:D