Friday, December 12, 2008

Thats why you people know me .
From a magazine,poster etc etc >.<

Amcm?Sexy per lagu ? ;p
Today not working! jYeah!
So today in the afternoon. Stayed at home.
Watching some movies at Youtube.
About Tsunami 2004. Scary .
And i found out just now.
There's a Tsunami at Indonesia. wth?
Freaking out just now. tee hee~~
Along came back from camp. And get his pay.
Your jaw will open widely when you hear his payment.
i was like .. "Bedek uhs. Gler nyer banyak."
Then along finish bathing. Erm, went out.
Along , Angah && Me went to Cik Nab's crib.
Returning things. Went Sheng Shiong segar untuk kamu.......
Then get back in the car.
Along drive. Yelar. Dier ade both motor and car license.
And Angah motor. Ayah && Buu Car.
Me?? Ehem ehem.
Otw home. Theres' a song called Whatever you like sang by T.I.
Along turned on the volume loudly.
The bass hor. Walian-leh.
Then like shiok like that.
Then reach jer. Buu asked to go vista.
Buy something. So i and Angah go liao.
Put game at PSP.
While waiting. Saw Rab and Fam.
I put two game!
________ & FIFA street 2.
FIFA street2 fun , so i put again lorr.
Manager called and tmr i start at 10. Yey!
But i lazy to wake up early && like to go home early.
So now im chatting.
While Angah behind me. Playing PSP.
Along went out.
Urgh! Long day ?