Sunday, January 25, 2009

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! SMILE image by setyobr_46
Aights people.Today was very the best. Spending my weekend time with Aunt. Was fabulus-o can? Hah. Wake up early. And saw a huge cake on mom bed. For Along friends. Sweet enough huh ? 3kg siol. I want that kind of cake for my birthday!! Wenk~ So i went online for awhile. And friendster , msn & blog seems to be boring for me nowdays. And yes. Im bored. Talking to the same people all day. Then Along & Angah went out to Mom work place. Then come back with FOOD! Yey-ness! Chilled out with aunt. Watching tvee etc etc.

Soon mom came back home. Mom sleep. Aunt sleep. And i sleep with MIMI! Cute kan ? And Angah thinking of piercing his lip. How cool? And im thinking of piercing my eyebrown. Ouch! Heh. But it look sooooo nice larh. Ouh! While im watching tvee. The news report said that tmr 4.30 till 6/6.30 there an eclips going on!!!! How cool???!!! Im' surely i don't want to miss this exciting event!! And tmr my house going to have OpenHouse. My Family also celebrate CNY okayyyyyyy. Heh. All my mom sibs will come over to eat etc etc. Dont' feel free to come kayyyyy? Heh. And Tuesday, will be going out with my Bitch. Going SHOPPING!! GroceryShopping123.gif shopping image by mewsley_bucketI love him. hah. Now his at Malaysia. Asked him to buy some smoke machine for me,can ?

Just finish watching Romeo must Die. Cool shi*. Hell yeah! And time now is 12.29.Soooooo..

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL CHINESE PEOPLE!May you have a enjoy-ful moment.
My ang bao where ah ? (: