Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hari Raya 2008 at Syaza's Crib.
Hasif and Hinz Singing yawwww.

Moshimoshi.smile.gif Indy Emot: Smile image by Mutt23Livy
Okayy. Today vey long post. Read kayy . Just for today . Kayy ?
Today was great. But had a littele laugh in class with GF since yesterday incident? And everytime teachers came into our classroom.They would start to say things about O level result.Which was given out yesterday afternoon.Most of them cried.cry.gif cry image by sisyog Joyful and NOT ! Erm,today school started late.So waited for GF at interchange.Not that long. And reached school on time. But seems to have few minutes more.We lpk-ed near the Science room.And went back to class around 8.15 sharp.

CPA was great.Recess was weird.I hate when im eating someone watching me. Sooooo weird larh hor. And soooo not comfortable leh. Right ? EBS was Fabulous-o.When Miss Siti started her story. About our school during the night. Scary sioooooool ! and Math sucks. We went to the Computer room. And do our ACE learning. Which we suppose to do 99 question. But i did none. Banyak siooooool ! So lazy. After that lesson, i thought im the only one who didnt done it. But GF also didnt do. Huahuahua . Sajak larh ehk . And Lunch was Fabulus-o. Except when the boys in our class watching us eating. So nooooot the best part.And Khy and Danish went to our class!! Rock one guys ! Someone jealoussssss when we are having fun with them. I can see guys .

Erm, Study Period outside the Library was COOLIO BANGAT !! Err , we were like running away from the bad malay boys. Haha.Cause with them around. You cannot study i tell ya. Mulu satu-satu macam pantat ayam; meaning all mouth like chicken back-side. I studied Science and Math. I manage to catch up a bit. With Kai Boon around. Im sitting with nash,qima & nasrun. Nasrun around also fun . Sometime study. Erm, then saw Fikri !!! The cutest sec 1 people. He joined Military Band. Hahaha ! Cute seyy . He got the purest smile okayy. And after school, went to McD with GF. theating.gif Eat image by cboxsmileysTo had our lunch together . Mom called and iasked me to meet her at civic.

We rushed. As we bought food so manyyyyy . Once finish,Burped and off . Otw GF father called asked her to go pick her sis. So she went home. While i meet mom at civic HDB palce. And waited for her paying car etc etc . After that went to Tom and Stev. To searched for my jeans. But somehow the jeans not nice ah . So went to CWP with mom ! yeyness! Bought a bangle and 1 top ! againnnnn . heh . Then went to Pasar Malam or Night Market to buy some food for dad. Bought vadai etc etc . Tired. But mom wanted to see what VCD or DVD that are sold .

Then went to this VCD shop near toilet there. No movie which are nice. So went back home. Cat shit againnn . smile.gif smile image by natillazAnd i had to clean it . So mom help me. Love youuuu . Ouh ! Im glad that that bastard didnt talk to me today. So suit yourself aye ? Reached home. Eat and went in my room with mom. To catch some videos on Youtube. Gossips and drama. Okayy larh. Soon mom wants to sleep. So she went to bed. Shake arh ade Acit.*inside joke*. Im tired dearest .