Thursday, January 15, 2009

Im helpless,dissapointed & hopeless at this stage. Seriously.
I know the truth and was shocked to hear the 'news' that was told by someone.Whom i am close to.Hate her,can't. Bitch her,can't.Cause im her friend. But what to do ? Face it huhhh . Fine ! Just few months to go Farah. And you're out from this school.And enjoy ITE life. Ouh God. Im fuck up with this stupid reason.

Okayyyyyyyy.Today was OKAY LARH. Assembly was LAME since i am since secondary 1. Some people sleep,talk & daydreaming when Mrs Kok give the speech. Who dosent' ? Her speech can be my bedtime story siaaa. She only let us see the O level result but not the N level part. Mr See was a bit dissapointed when she didnt' show the result. EBS was fun. Because no team work. And yes ! Someone is happy when that 'someone' join our group. Wth larhhh. Kayy fine. Recess was great .English part kan , you must get ready for some critise form Mdm Su. Lucky not the girls larh. She is funnier than i thought. Maths was totally great. Mdm Jas teach us with BIG smile. Lunch was KO . Sleepy.

Science was Terrible. Damn sleepy. Cannot tahan lagi !! I dont' know what the hell Mr See talking siaa. People laughing i just follow. And Black Mamba so hyper today. And after school meet Dini !!! Qima was there. So dini. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then Qima went 'home'. And i and Dini went to meet Mr Hotstuff Solihinz. Yes ! He injured his left hand. Cracked. HAHAHAHA ! Then i smacked his arm. Haha . Cute larh dier . And please i wont stead with my own classmate. Boring sak tengok muke dier 24/7 . Errrmm, then we spent time together. Then Dini went back home. And Solihinz teman me wait for bus. How sweet. Haha . Okayy im dead tired liao.