Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Guys.
Fish and Co.

Kayyy. Im deaaaadddddddd sleepy. -.-
Yesterday was FUN FUN FUN && tiring. Seriously.
Okayy heres the story.
Went out around 4.30+. Meet Kak IFA and then meet the rest at DBG.
Qima and Sister was there to join us !! Woohoo.
Qima! Yes at last i meet you GF! -.-
Anw. then meet the rest at Fish & Co. But Abg Wan not there yet.
Since he need to go dinner with his JC friends.
Theres me,Qima,Qima Sis,Abg Audy,Afiq,Hart,Kak Ifa,Angah && Kak Hanis.
Then we ate. And Chilled. Then off.
We walked from there to Esplanade. Kurus kan badan katekan. :)
Then we seared for place to seat. Dudok bawah siot. Sopan Youu.
Then its 8.30+. Still so damn early.So sit with the rest. whila angah,ka IFA && kak Hanis went MIA.
Then we chatted and do stop things. And i met one beutiful human. Called Afiq Samat.
HAHAHAH ! And im sleepy already.
The MAKCIK(inside joke) so very memalukan malay people. -.-
Macam siak siol ! Pufftt !
And Afiq has the video where a malay girl shoouted in the Admiralty MRT .
So memalukan. And and i saw Najib.
So soon the Fireworks show started.
We all were like shouting our ass out. HAHA !
And after the fireworks ended. We chilled at Coffee Bean. Angah and Kak IFA stayed there.
While i ,Qima and Sis followed Abg Syazwan to Arab street. To Shisha !!!
But its full-ed. HAHA ! So went to Lau Pa Sat to eat and Meet Angah.
We eat .By the time we finish eating. Its 3.30+.
So went to AMC. The grass there to chilled Till 6.15 in the morning ?
While waiting the time to Tick and Tock.
We gather-ed and share jokes. And Qima and Her Sister slept on the grass.
Abg Wan was the Hyper one. Afiq was the Weak one. Abg Audi was the Blurr one.
We shared jokes. FUN FUN FUN .
Sooo it was 6.00+. We went to Raffles MRT. Met the B*****. So not in the mood.
Then waited. And the door still not opened yet ! So SUCK !
Yok yok ! Then took the train. Seperated.
Qima and Abg audi took the same train. Qima sis took train alone.
Me,Abg wan,Kak Hart && Afiq took the same train.
And drop at Admiralty with Abg wan. Since i want to take Taxi home soo badly.
Cause mabok and smelly and sleepy. -.-
And just about to go sleep. Ayah called to take my Cat at A shop.
WOOOHOOOO !! My so called New Year Present larh kan ..
Kay dahh . Im tired.
Let the pictures do the talking. Annnndddd.......
Take Care Siol !