Friday, January 2, 2009

Okayy today was better than i expected.
But Qima didnt come to school. -.-
And i spent my day with the Kaki Gereks peeps. :D
And theres so many Sec 5 students.Heh ! Congrates !
And New sitting arrangement was Superb ! Dudok belakang Hinz !
And Lan with Acit And that Acul. Okayy best.
Qima ? I dont' know where you sittting. But my seat was near to the window. -.-
Kayy kayy . And im happy that Mdm Yap gave birth !! Congrats !!!!!!
And, Our teachers all changed to the More Experience Teachers(MET).
And went recess with the Sec 5. And ate with Hinz !
And every single day , scholl ends at 2. Except for friday which is 12.30. -.-
Yok yok ! Then after school i,Hinz && Jannah met Falah && Eiiqah kt KFC dpn.
Kaki Gerek people. Hehe. Fun uhs . But muke Eiiqah stress. Mcm Hydar. HAHAHAH !
We went shopping. And i && Hinz bought the same Keychain ! Love it !
And went to Banquet to eat. CWP bau budak skola sak.
Alot alot of student siaaaa. Maju.
Erm,then saw the Kaki Not Gerek people kt Tekong.
Acul step tk lepak lagi jer. Isap arh ! Kastelo.
Then we lpk-ed at 618. Okayy uhs. Budak Canberra carik gaduh.
Ouh please. Masey lower sec sak. Nak step 369. Aku 999 larh ehk.
Skali kol sume turon. Takyah kene comfirm sume.
Kiwek. Bulu blom tumbuh nak bobal world.
Kayy. Im done with him. And i chatted. Soon we split with Dini && Eiiqah.
Took pictures !!
Gereksss skali !
Kayy da.

Take Care Siol ! ;D