Friday, January 9, 2009

Gigi Goal Post.

Late Comer. *insode joke*
Moshimoshi people.
Today i had fun. And Hinz didnt' come to school .
He injured his thumb during Softball.Ouh! And i remember. Rifdi make me cried. During Sec 2.
Haha ! He go throw the ball at me. And he said sorry in the cute wayyy. >.<
And my hand turn blue-black. He buy me oilment. :)Okayy. Class was Great ! Hasif got Suspend from class.Cian nyerr .pity.gif pity image by AndrewClayGames Cause so 5 wrong doing. Haiya !Naseb that you wear school socks.

Now this year,during English and Maths lesson.That everyone working hard this
final year. And that a BIG wow from me,qima & kai bin. Lan also working hard.Heh !
Everytime maths lesson, we always ignore the teacher talking. We make noise. Cian cikgu.
Miss Low almost cried. Haha. Every maths teacher would cried. Cause nobody listen.
Only the nerds listen. Like Acit. heh. During PE Mr Ole were in my group! Cute larh dier skipping and jumping . Hahaha ! And he don't know how to skip. But he tried. How cute huh ?Then Mr Ole make inside joke.When amat jump. "Amat smile when you jumpe taw."Hahaha ! Kekek siol!After school,i saw Hinz near the traffic light. We chat.
Erm, i and qima went to CWP. To check out Bulky shoes.
I got survey 1 shoes. Cost $49. Nice! And a dress. And went we to certain shops to check out
items which were hilarious. Some. Haha ! And i dont' know what things were in qima bag
where each time send went into a shop.The 'sensore' would went like "Tit! Tit! Tit!" like she went and stole something. Then she panick. So everyime i want to went inside a shop. She would look a the enterance and check weather got any 'sensore'. Tee Hee.

Adil didnt' came to school for two days. His grandfather passed away. And Mr See felt sorry for him. Sweet. And Mr Ehem were happy today. Syaza you know who.blush.gif blush image by gingergirl25
So mom sent me home. When i called her that i no money to go home. hehe. And qima took bus.While i wait for Mom to come and pick me up. Reached home. BOOM! I slept till 9.07.
Where Mimi woke me up by . MEOW! MEOW! -.- Ouh! And I love how Taufik Batisah Sang the song at Sinaran Hati. Awwwww . Nice nice nice . Loveee it ! Okayy , tmr im working.
Below i think its cute. :)
i ♥ someone,yes i do!
i ♥ someone!can you guess who?
i ♥ someone!could it be true??
don't stop smiling!!!!
b cause it's you!!!you knowi ♥ you!!!!