Sunday, January 4, 2009

Okay tmr go back to sch AGAIN ! boo !
And now currently chatting with Syaza and James.
James Kekek siol. With the Sally thingy. HAHA !
His evil i tell ya .. With the Sally thingy.
And also , i put his photo as my DP. And about 3 minutes later .
Someone flirt with me . Hot kan dier ? I know. HAHA !
And the flirt girl was my Junior. Sec 2. Wth larh kan.
Erm, today plan was cool ! Went dinner with family. Except Angah didnt' join us.
We ate at Arab Street. Delicious !!! Ymmmssssmyyy .
And we walk around. Bought my new cat a name tag ! Wee~~
Next went to wash my dad's car .. Got many bird shit ! Eww.
So went to Esso near Marsiling Soccer Court. Vacumm and wax it !
And went home. I got new Tveee !! Yeah !
Then reached home. I bath MIMI. Cute sakk sakk sakk !
Then then then .. I online around 5.30pm till now .. Currently its 10.04. Im bored. -.-
Along went back to camp. Tmr Qima will attend school.
I hope so . :D

Take Care Siol ! :D