Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, starting of the week. Sleepy. -.-
And im tired. But mom slide me to the toilet . And smacked my cute face.
NO LARH! gler siot. Well, after i bath. I went down to meet Buu at the Bus stop.
And waited for Qima like lame glerrr. So i just headed to school.
So lesson was great . And Mrs Kok speech was Fabulous!
NOT ! Im happy that school starts. So i can hurried up finish my N's.
And berambus dari skola nie. *evil laughed*
After school,When McD with Qima to had our Lunch. And talked about BGR.
Okayy . Some of it was about our classmate. Where 50% has change.
Syaza should know. Whose handsome and who did plucked their eyebrown.
Fierce kape joi ? Anw, there look scary. Even Mdm Su our English teacher.
Said that it looked scary. I agree. So after Lunch.
We walked around and saw Apiz ! Wow. Shocked. NOT!;D
Okayy. Girls out there.Study hard kayy.
HAHAH ! Mcm Am. Anw , then i saw this bulky shoes.
Cost $49. I want it !! Mommy preety cutie hottie pleaseeee !!!
So after walking around. I pity Qima.Since she stayed at Tamp.
And i was dead sleepy too.
So we headed home. I went to sleep right after i change my clothes.
And slepp with my Kitten!! Rock on! -.-
And i wake up at 8.05. Bath. And im gonna eat soon.
Currently chatting with Syaza.
Aink ! Billabong seyy orang tuh. Same !
Kayy . Im doone!

Take Care Siol!