Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today woke up around 6.30. Get ready to work. Penat seyy.tired.gif tired image by brklyn98Then went to work.Reached around 6.30. Working with Mom and Dad. Yada yada. Tired.Lazy to write.Around3.30 went home.
Went to vista point,to top up Cash Card. Then went home. Wash up. Wanted to sleep.Since Mom watch this indian show called "Chori Chori Chopke Chopke" . Something like that arh. Can't remember.

Then watch arh. Nice movie.That was the first indian show i ever watch ? Maybe. smile image by Eternal_serpentAnd Mom wanted to go Sembawang Shopping Center.Since it was newly made.So siap-siap.Syaza msg-ed.And we chat a bit. Once we reached there. Nothing were interesting larh. Few shops only. But i prefer CWP. Seriously. No fast-food.Only the Giant were the Biggest shop i can say.And not even a few hours.Mom decided to went back to CWP instead.And since i got my pay. Which was twice as much as at Bata. I spend few dollars. On 2 tops , 2 bangels & a headband. And tmr im working again.Since i want something which i want for a long long time.

Im etting fatter now. heh. Seriouslyy. My weight gone up around ...... too Much eating. Way too much.I hope the 2.4 running helps me larh . Pls ehk . Ouh! And i saw some juniors at popular.Where i wanted to bought Twilight book and Obama book. But since twilight i have watch. So just wait for the New Moon book to be released.And now im sleppyy. Iguess i head back to bed then.