Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moshimoshi.waving.gif *Hi* image by Shltie
Well,today i didnt' came to work.Due to tired-ness.Lucky working with mom.And mom woke me up around 6. And yeah,i could not wake up larh.So tired as i said yesterday.Kan syaza ?Haha ! Ouh ! I just bought 2 doper cute boxer .Lol. Nice you know. And tmr schooling !!!!! Yey-ness. I get to see Mr ole. Random. So i have not yet touch my homework. Cause all from the textbook.And i only bought 5 book all together.How pity am i huh ?

So i dont' have homework ! Heh ! laugh.gif laugh image by MadCatOmniErrr, so tmr is Monday. And monday meannnnnnnnnssss Tmr Express Student are going to take their result ! Take Care siol. and Best of Luckkkkkk . Im scared.i dont' know why .Haha ! May you guys have Good result. Speaking of good results,i recalled back what i told Rabbani.Haha ! About treat him to Pizza Hut . Haha ! tgk larh ehk . Haha ! But i promise soonnnnn.

So just now Ayah go asked me to take coconut at vista point. Where that time i havent' bath. And the shop closed at 12. Wth larh gitu . So with my boxer. I just go lor . Cause its 11.45 pon. And, today not going out . I have repaired the net . Annnnddd , i dont' know what to do now . Sooo tada !