Friday, January 16, 2009

Today was Fun. School starts with a boring morning. boring-1.gif skeptisch image by Nati78_2008Reading books. I and Qima have no mood to talk and joke around. Then first period was MT . Cikgu Diana did some revising of our Nlevel soon. Left about 7 months.And Next was PE ! Woohoo ! The great thing is that we no need to run 2.4 .Haha ! We did incline pull up(Correct spelling?) and Stading board jumpe. Both i got A! Action arh, ape lagi. But Fatimah did the pull up 30 siol. Power per. Standing board jump Burah was the highest scored 179. And everyone laughed because everybody knows why she can get highest.

Recess was Boring. Inz and Lan kate jer nak join Makan together-gather. Buih ! CPA was FUN FUN FUN ! We studied at Library. cold.gif frio image by pasquinelliclaroCold and theres' only 3 of us. How cool huh ? And we each have our own laptop. So after school, Mr See pulled us. Cause we want to run away from him. He want us to tell something to him. Then after telling, sume emo siol. Haahaa. After that, i and GF rushed to my Crib. To put down bags and stuff. Sempat main PSP okayy. Then went back to school around 2.50? Lambat. Heehee. Then in groups we all walk to the building that we were doing for our CIP. MINDS school. Okkayy, this sudden feeling came. When we otw there, i and GF were like singing,laughing,pushing,poking,burping and holding hands like we're Lebo.

Once we reached, we both gone quite. Okayy larh. A malay handsome guy called Mr Rudy give a short breifing. A bit nervous and scared when teachers told us to shake hands with them. Then someone wants to hold Qima. HAHAHAHAHA! Teros takut sak kite. Don't know why . But yeah. After that,we went back to school. Da reached then Mr See told us to went back home. No need to do reflection. Haiya ! Then i and GF went to KFC 888.kfc.gif kfc image by calvin_cheah Then Inz and Rifdi join us . Pfft ! Ingat kan Lan yang datang. Then Rif makan macam so memalukan. Mayonise bersepah. Then roti jatuh kat bawah. Then the Natasha and Yana came. Rif ignore kape ? Then after eating, Rif went home & the three of us walked home together. GF came to my crib. To chilled. Till 8.05. Then she went back.Till then.

p/s; when one of your classmate got pregnant. Oo