Saturday, January 17, 2009 :) image by GameOver201
Today was very the SHAKE !*inside joke* Went to meet Inz & Nash at 9. Where i woke up at 11. HAHA! So called Inz. And rushed to shower. Siap-ing and Dini called asked to meet at BNS. And called Qima. Then once meet. I and Dini went meet the hunks at Library. Did homework(s). Then Qima came. Wait for her to finish her math. While the Hunks went KFC to grabbed bites. Cause since morning they at Lib. HAHA! Then soon meet them at KFC. Nash went home.

Left the four of us. Then we accompany Inz till interchange. Took some picture. And yes! Today my hair the curl very the sagggg. So i let down. Then once he board the bus. We took bus 912 and went to Tekong. Meet another Hunnks. HAHA. Then theres this mat-reps who suddenly talk to us. Then his friends asked number. Like hello. Not our type gitu. Then the three of us walked off. And waited for that hunks named Zaki. For 2 hr. Lucky not sorang-sorang. Then he came and things started to change larh. Joking around. sofunnyav2.gif laugh image by LilMooo

Zaki sudah Botak. But still has the good-looking kan Qima? HAHA! Then walked around. Went 888 with Dini. Saje nak drng spend time together. Bought 4 pepsi. Then came back. Drink and drink. Chat and chat. Joke and joke. Then soon all of us went 888. To teman me go buy Mimi food. Kecian dier. Never eat for 1 day. Then accompany Qima. Then Dini. Then me and Zaki walked home together. And he starts talking alot then just now. Like seriously. We talking about Black Mamba And Problem. He wanted to show me his new hp. I was like "Eleh,action arh you!".Skali hp ciplak waktong siaaa. No cover! HAHA! Then we split. I went home. Noone. Yeah!Im tired strangers.Let the pictures do the talking yeaaa? smile.gif smile image by aj1374

p/s:Nash Friendster background and Picture da lawa.(: