Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Moshimoshi. smile.gif smile image by zaleia
I have update yer Heidi. I dont' know that i have a fan! Woohooo! Okayy. Today school starts late at night. No larh. At 8.15 or 8.20 ? I dont' know. I always come early one. And in the morning very the swey. Went down to 901 bus stop. Missed a bus. Which took me 5 mins to wait for another bus to came. So i went to 900 bus stop. And as im reaching. 901 came. And im pissed. Seriously. So i board the bus around 7.45. Very the kan-chiong already. Qima missed called and msg me asking where the hell am i. Once reached interchange it was already 8.05.

Board the bus 912. And reached school just on time. Home period we okayy. CPA was FUN FUN FUN! happy.gif :happy: image by vasishtaWe using laptops. At last kene go back to Computer Lap. Because laptop very the lagggggg.And wasting our sweet time. We only left 6 period before our real Nlevel coursework.WTHeaven. Erm, recess was darnit! Some acad people just pivking a fight with me. Like okayyy. No future people. Then, Science was excellent! I understand one by one formula. MT was BORING. Lunch was okayyy. EBS was TOTALLY ROCKING MY BUTT!rock.gif rock image by brice42 sounds so weird. Hmm, never mind. For EBS we as as class went to CWP. To do some project. Solihinz join our group! We had fun . Enjoying. The gentelmen was doing a great job While me and GF bought some doughtnut.

Liyana was cute.She carried a big Gulp.Like she going to watch a movie. Cute kan? You should see it. Alone jer taw! HAHAHA. Soon we went home after completing the project.GF came to my crib. Chilling. And went home. Currently chatting with Syaza,Zaki and Rifdi. Chatting.gif Chatting image by Eiru17BORING! Going to called GF soon. Tada!