Thursday, January 22, 2009

In school.
Outside world. SMILE image by setyobr_46
Today is Thursday. Which mean got Assembly.Suck i guess.But today was okayyyyyyy.Mr Sive speech was fun since he is giving out some 'Hong-bao'.Where every student get so excited. Especially the secondary 3. And the 4 & 5 were like dead. Not my Bitch.My Bitch did answer a question.To go school to have fun.Cute kan ? PE was next. So suck can ? Got 2.4. Passing mark is 11 minutes. My time was 11min30sec. *&%&^$&^$%&$^%*?! 'Kurus' get 9mins. Who care,kurus?! Anw, recess was great,maybe. Heh. EBS was as usual. Fuin always. With Miss Siti stories. That was so interesting. Seriously. Many stories she could share with you people.

We continues the mock test during Maths. Okayyyyyy larh. Quite susah for some. And Lunch was Awsome can can can? Cause the adam's family just pick a fight with me since im' sitting at their place during recess. So, Lan,YY,Acul,Acit,Amat and Inz went to seat at their place. Huahuahua. Lan suddenly said "Kalau diorang suond kau lagi. Blang aku taw." Everyone starts to clean their throat. Heh. See?! Our class was so close that i don't feel like leaving the school.Seriously.No.jpg No image by bad_girl1953_photosI won't get bored seeing them evryday and every year. All the good and bad things we talk.We also like a one BIG family. Ryte? Anw. next was english. Did compo. Ouh suck.

After school, i,Inz and GF(Qima) went to my crib to collect the chinese nes year decoration. And went to vista. As i treat all of them Bubble tea and Pancake. Reached school, decorated some! HAHAHA. As we dont' know how the words look like. And after that, the three of us chill in the class. And we start to talked about dirty things. HAHA. Qima start first . Then we see things. And the shit thing is that,when Inz fart. fart.gif Fart image by benzo_13Sialllllll larhhhhhhh. Pay bau. Bau tkleh hilangggg siaaaa. Bau pancake tad kte makan siooooo. Walaauuu. Bunyi cute. HAHAHA! Alright,Grandma & Aunt came over from Malaysia. How cool. Grandma bought this perfume. Nice! I buy from her. Heh. Nice siiaaaaaa. And just now went down to buy ice cream with mom and aunt. Kay, till here.