Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ft. MIMI smile image by RSMLittrell
Alright peeps.Today was very very very the best day of shopping life? Yeha. Cause today i got my pay. With GF! Yehaaaaa. So heres the story looks like. First meet GF around 1. Bishan. Well, ehem ehem .. Of course today was the first time im' being the first one to reach. Huahuahua. We had LJS to had our lunch. Then went to take our pay. Ka-chingggggg!! Money come from heaven. Next, my dream slipper came across my mind. So? wait for what? Christmas then buy?Puik!

Went straight to Penis. Or i mean Peni to grab stuff which i wanted from B.C. Hahaha. My nike slipper & and that toilet logo bag. toilet.gif toilet image by dwgglassSounds cool. Well, yeah. While GF bought her new school bag. Classic kind of bag. And walkde around. Nothing to see. Next went to CWP. Accompany GF to eat McD. And saw Heed! Ingat nak bagi xtra makanan.Took Neoprint.Went home soon. Then went to Vista Point. Belanja parent and Aunt & Grandma food for dinner. Now gaji da sikit liao. Watanabeyyyy btol. So here i am posting ! Woohooo! -_-