Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happiness in each and every Hero and Heroine.(: smile image by Patricia1206

Today very the Boring. Since Aunt has when back home to Malaysiaaaaa. Damn far okayyy. So Grandma will be staying with us till 15 Feb. When my Aunt came back and take nenek away from us. Heh. Well, today waken up with the noise that MIMI make. So iritating ya know? And of course early in the morning angah went out already. So left along & me. While Nenek go sleep. Hee. Then Along heat up some fleftover food. And Along went out soon after we ate together. I went online. And some stranger just added me. Its Azrul ! Haaa. So chatted with him a few hours. And pon kawan nak bobal. And soon he need to go madrasa. So went offline awhile. And soon Mom and Dad came home. And im' bored now. So i just post and blog hopping. So many spammers indeed this few days.

Anyway people, heart.gif Heart image by LoveSongs69TheyKillMe14 Februaryheart.gif Heart image by LoveSongs69TheyKillMe are getting nearer and nearer . Who are you going to celebrate with ? Its been years since i celebrate my last valentine. Ouhs. I still remember that sweetest guy. Who gave me the bear which i still kept it. His my high school sweetheart can ? Haa. Alright till here then. Take Care. (: