Monday, January 12, 2009

Secondary 1 BBQ.

First i want to warned you people...

Nabey larh kau.Cibay-est. Kanina nyer kwn . Memeang kau bastard pon kan. Da larh pinjam duit orang banyak gile. But tk tawu bayar balek. Betol-betol nyer sundal arh kau. Macam mane pompan leh suke kt kau pon aku tk tawu. Kastard .Babi arh ! Tak nk bobal . So ? Mcm aku nk layan kau jer hari-hari. Dudok larh ko kt dpn GO. Padan Muke . Puki shovel warning image by laimelady

Okay. Im better now. smile.gif smile image by natillazSo how school people? Erm, today suck. Seriously larh seyy. But in the morning was better than in the afternoon. Errr, today i had a gooooooood laugh with GF in class.laugh.gif HAHAHA image by Danielllp Until my name had been called out about 3 time. With the joke that GF made up. With Bulu Kening,Air Ehem,Song till Akon songs. We remix it btw. Sound nicer okayyyy. Hehe. Then after school GF came over to my crib. To use my comp. And chillax. We laught the hell out. And played with my cat! Woohoo ! And it shit again ! Smelly. GF helped out abit. Fun larh .

GF when home around 5.30.Cause she stayed at Tampines. Pity-ness. So when back home. Cook abit. And went online while appearing offline. Understand ? And soon online back. Chat with that Kastard. And fight with my own classmate. Like wth larh. Stupid reason gitu.pfft. And im happy that i told him that i hate having him in the class in a nice way tought. And he blocked me . So i block him. Fair and Square gitu. Now im starting to hate guys at my age. So waste of time larh. Like using girls only. Boys, i know that girls are the weakness in gender but do give some respect will ya ?