Sunday, February 8, 2009

Before. After.

Moshimoshi !smile.jpg smile image by hoopgirl64
Welcome welcome. Okayyyy here my storyyyyy.*Yawning* Wake up every morning. Okayy nnot every morning. Only school time. Wake up. Chillax at the living room with Along. And soon angah wake up. Watch Scooby-Doo the movie at Ok-Today or Okt-original. Macam-macam. Then since i want a new bag. My bag now is like so-not-useful-so can-throw ? Haaaaa. Then Buu and Ayah came back from work. And they went out again ! And left me and Angah. Along went to Beach road.

Soon few minutes when Buu and Ayah went out. I and Angah went out to CWP !!!!! With Broom-broom-broom !!! Shake btol*inside joke*. Hee. Then went to Power to get my new bag for school. And guess what ? Its Billabong brand. -__- Not one of my Fav. But since its urgent. So malas nak carik lagi. So i just bought it. Im not choosy okayyyyy. Not like you guys. Haaa. Then went to Banquet to have our Lunch. Then otf with GF. Ouh ! That skater boi was hot. *wink-wink* Then after that went to Kak Ifa's Crib. Then chillax. Went home. Do nothing. Blah-blah-blah. Now posting !!