Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bring me here!
Walah! smile image by 2mami_2007
Today as usual. Boring day. Anw, i did a permanent perm ? Yet to think if i wantto perm or reborn. Today suck big time. Mom nagging. Kinda pissed me off. Seriously. And i check out some pictures. And found out that Paris is a romantic place. Surely. So i collect some beautiful photos of Eiffel Tower. Different moment. And yes, my wish ? One day, me andmy Hero will go up there. And celebrate Valentine Day together indeed ? Hah. Dream on. No money yet. Haa. Wait Looong loong larh. And i find some website about love on the Eiffel Tower. You should check it out. Lovel story. You may cry or touched by the story.

Aight. Tmr schooling. Suck bigtime again yerrrrrr. I want to sleep more than rather go to school. Heeh. Okay. At night, im busy with some things. And thats why i post very very early aye. Heeh. So till here then.