Friday, February 20, 2009

Cute ryte? Oh i love his DIMPLE!
My very own BF : Best Friend

Moshimoshi .
Aye aye . Today was fun. Aiya ! Everyday larh fun . Okayy here how it goes. Early in the morning , assemble. Sing and off to class. Well , first was English lesson. And we had test paper 1 . Ouh! Its Compo. Darn it . Well, i laid down on the table and facing the other side of the window when suddenly "YY" stared with a flirty face ? Haa . It was 3 period. Then after that PE ! Wenk ! Played Frisbee . Fun ya know ? We had a good time . My player was Qima, Yana, Hannah & Jannah . Was fun i tell ya . We did own own cheer. The New Zealand rugby cheer. We won all the team ! Even we won Mr Poh team. See how good we are ? *clearing throat*

Next lesson was Home period. Well, did not did something useful. Just to comfirm about tmr event. Which for graduating classes . Ouh ! Am i gonna see Sexayyy parent ? Haaa. Well, my mother most probably come than my father. Which think that this is a waste of his precious time ? Hmm. After Home period ended , we had Maths. Test again ! Urgh ! I think i did preety well ? I don't know . After school ended , went out to buy some Ice Cream-a! Nice . Since it was a very darn hot weather . I waved at Sexayyyy ! 0.0 Haaa. So anw , after that went to decorate classroom . Went to CCA late . Watch movie. And played some game which Me & Yana team won ! Ouh ! I love to win. Hahahaha ! Getting to like CCA huh ? Next week the T-O asked us to decorate our CCA notice board and room. Do i look like a room designer where i need to decorate.

After CCA , went to meet BF !! Awww. Darn cute i tell ya. Working . He served me ! And gave a flower made of tissue ? HAHA ! But still a GOOD BEST FRIEND too. Met Brother Fam. Accompany them buy tickets. And waited for them at KFC. Like waited for a apple to drop for sky. -.- So went off home without them knowing. Huahuahua ! *evil laugh* Thats my day people.

PS: "YY" are you a stalker? Haha! But i know most girls like you one larh.


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