Friday, February 6, 2009

GF & Amyra
IMY! smile image by x1994j
Remember this song? You sang it to us,your hotty bitches(: Anw, today was like the best day of my secondary school life indeed? Okayy in the morning suck. Yes, i get caught by Mr Clement Lim that i didnt' went for CCA. Haa. But i go already mahhhh last week. Then English was the first period. And always YES always need to do Compo. Like im' tired,dude! Ended soon enough. And followed by PE! Yeah thhat hot sexayy teacher. Huahua. Mr Poh asked to run outside the school. Me,Rif & Fatimah didnt' go for that longgggggggg jog. I had fever,Fatimah had cramp? And Rifdi? Lost his Time-table. Cute or what. I told him that i know that he lazy go jog ryte? -_- Then the three of us sat outside Lib. Suddenly, Rif was asleep. Cepat perr dier tido. Haaa.

The bell rang loudly. Till Rif was shock and wake up with a so called blurr-sotong-expression-and-dont'-no-what-to-do-next face. Haaa. I laughed. Then paisey. Recess was okayyy. Not bad. Noone stared at us again. Erm,Maths was fun ? Okayyyy larh ehk. Then last period, was Home period. OMG-ayyyyyy !! The best moment okayyyyy. We did the "Loh-Hei". Nice. Before that. Mr See told us that today we did the Loh-Hei. He said

..."Today is a special day.Where we as a class did this for only this year. And
sadly... ______ left us. We here today. To pray and hope they realise that
education is important.Eventhought they are not here (Cried) ......... "

All of us went silent when Mr See cried. Yes, i do cried too.cry.gif cry image by KIKIXOXO13 So as all of my classmate. We shed tears and smile. Some could not take it any longer . Tears roll down their cheek. Indeed i was one of them. After we did the Loh-Hei. We hugged each other. With a tears of joy? Maybe. And after school. Went for CCA. Then after CCA. Went to have dinner with Qima & Amira. I miss you preety. She came down to meet us. Hugged her tightly as i could. We shared stories. She called Mr See and the three of us were very the kecoh-rable.And soon night fall. Went home. And yes. I still has that sadness feeling now. Im' not in a mood i guess.