Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy biler dpt "Ang-Bao"(Last year katekan)

So today. Hmmmmmmm, Boring cann ? Boring larh ter-sangat ! Chillax at home the whole day. Im pissed since Mom cancle the outing to go Geylang with Family. Since she sick. Well, today is Sunday. Thats' mean got GROOM MY SCHOOL and SCOOP! So anw, in the afternoon , i spent time with Bro Fam. While im doing Homework. About some international superstar and i wrote about ADAM BROODY ! I loveeee him. So Bro Fam take a looked at my secondary one picture and compare . And he had a whole lot of comment. So mom came back home fast today. Not so normal ? Bring along KFC food for us !!! Wuhuuu! Next up, Bro Fam went out. Isi minyak. (padahal padahal). Erm, then Bro Fad sleeping outside. While i playing computer.

So thats all happend today? So let me say what i think cann ? Sorry if it makes you go sleepy. (; So here what i have been thinking these few days ? Boys like to use girls . When they get bored and nothing better to do. They will msg the girl. Kalau tk, jangan harap . Correct ? So jangan bagi muke ?

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