Thursday, February 5, 2009


Moshimoshismile.gif Smile. =)) image by iloveposh_02
Alright. Today i had spent my precious time with Rifdi & Inz. Funny indeed? I didnt' know that Rif was that disgusting & Inz was that Horny. Okayy lets start the story in the morning assembly? So we gather together and took temperature taking. Soon went up the hall and have a drama acting. One of them look like Miss Lam. Anw, recess was like a %%#$#$ recess. Stop staring at me Bi*ch. I know im that preety. No need to stare kayy folks. Tyty ! And, EBS was totally Mad-ness.

Since I,Rif,Inz,Qima & Mitch were in the same group. Totally a chaos. Since something stuck at Rif teeth. How funny it can be. And the gross thing ? He tried his best to take it out. HAHA! Ended up getting scolded by teacher for not doing our work. -_- Chillax Miss Siti. Maths was Super---b. With the guys sitting at the back. Kept singing. And i dont' know what language they using. Macam-macam. And guess what ? Lunch break. Half of the class stayed back in class to finish our Maths homework. See ? All studied hard to get to the best ITE. And courses. After Lunch was........ English. OKayy heres the things. When Linda shout at Ye Ming "You better shut up arhh!". And Rif from the back said "Mengucap Linda... Nie anak orang." And we all started to laugh our ass out !laugh.gif laugh image by PhantomMemory

After school, spent time doing Homework. While Rif & Amin played soccer. After doing homework. Watch them played soccer. And SOMEONE was hot toay. Until we perspire ? (: And.. Waited for Suhada and Syazwana and off we go CWP. While GF went home. To fetch her sister. Soon round and round we go. I went home first. Sleep. Bath. Online. Sleep? Sleep.gif Sleepy image by Speedo_Ghost

Taking Care people!