Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today was Awwwwwwwwwwwwsomeeeee!! Seriously!! Had a great laughter since i had one. A hardstyle laugh. Haaa. Anw, GF came to school today. School starts late. So went to school late. Reached school. Chit-chat with GF. Majulaaaaaah. The we went to the AVA room. Mr K want to take to us about the payment of N lvl. Argh ! Less than 7 months to N lvl siaaa. Then went for CPA. Did our coursework. Okayyy. A bit of confident? Wish me luck ayeee? (: Then went to recess. As our school had food rationing ? then went back to class. To had our EBS. Boring cannn? At least have GF to laugh with ? Sexayyyyyy came larh seyyyy. *Kiss* . Haaa.*inside joke*.

Followed by Maths. So farrr okayyyyy. Then lunch. next thing went back to class. And guess what ? I broke the handle of the back door. See?! How strong i can be ? Haaa. Hilarious i tell ya. Went to GO with GF and yana. Saw sexaayyyyyy sitting sorang-sorang. Nak teman tk ? Haa. Then next lesson was Study Period. So went to the Lib to study. Yeah ryte !!! Study. We chatted and chatted. I finish my maths ! Soon Yana joined us. Ouh. My so called fun-giler-cousin. Haa. Then we joke like hell. And Linda joined too. See ? Our laughter attract people or chicks? Haaa. Okayyy. most of our joke were Horny? Haaa. But seriously, i can shit at there. After school, went to Civic to grab bites. Then went to CWP. Chillax. And off i went home. (: