Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today was super-b ? At last i can use the computer ? -.- Anw, today assembly was exciting. A drama that tells you about Social Defense maybe ? Fun . Erm, home period . I and GF studied for a while. Then EBS. Fun Fun Fun !! With my group. Kinda like my group. I guess ? Haa. With GF,Mitchell,Hinz & Rifdi around. Soon Hinz need to go for the MOE interview. So left the 4 of us. Okayyyy. So heres' when Rifdi starts to make things more fun. Seriously. Tak sombong pon yerrr ? (: Haaa. We doing a survey that will be given out to student in school. So we need to think of some question. Easy. But Rifdi make things soo complicated and Funny. Eg. How much you bring within per week ?. He make us confused by " how much do you have per week." So we need time to think. For every question plk tuh. And out of the sudden, he said "Would you like a free tissue,straw & Plastic bag?" And worst, "Would you like a promotion for one week?." Its funny because we only do it for one day. Cute aye ?

After that was recess, okayyyy. Quite fun for me and GF. Up next would be , English. Had test. Maths too. English very the susah i tell you !! Math bagusssssss !! Lunch. And followed by Science. Whereby Mrs Kok came to join our class for lesson. Since Hinz invite her. -.- But the good thing is that i could listen to Mr S !!! See ? And guess what ? She fall asleep. wth cann? -.- School ended. I and GF went to computer lab. To join the softball guys to do coursework together. After that, went for a quick "jalan-jalan". And imagine how things would be when we in ITE. How bad or good are we going to be. Urgh ! And next stop, Home Sweet Home!! Okayyy. Im tired now. Tada ! (: