Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th
Weee~ Today i had superb fun. As usual lah. Duh. And most of the time , we spent time with Rifdi and Gang. And sexayyy didnt' come to school. Kalau tk, jangan harap nak join kite. Anw, i brought my camera ! Yey-ness ! So took some shoots with them. I love them very the much siaaa. We had recess with the secondary 3 student. we had recess with them. Cool aye? Such a long time since we ate together. After recess, we go back to class. And do the decoration. Nice nice. Good job Nashimura. (:

Anw, someone is jealous isit ?(Above photo , where we took photo in a group) Alalalala. Don't be, okayyy bitch ? Back to the story , i had fun chatting with Rifdi,Hinz and LanCino !! Rock my hair dudes !! We chat and chat. Suddenly topic starts to get horny again. Haaa. But kinda interesting. We make jokes about somethings. I loveeee them ! Then secondary 4 student need to do IPP , suckay can ? At the end of the activity. All went wrong and Mr S gets so angry. Make all of us went silent. Activity ended , and we did R&R. Then school ended , went to KM and bought something with them. Then went to RC. Saw this mini bird. Cute to the hell ! New born bird. Then went to CCA. -_- CCA was okayyy-okayyyy. Then after CCA, sexayyyyy was outside the school. Second thought, maybe. Boy, u're just a ....
Anw, Whose your Valentine ?
Boy,whoareyouwaitingfor,sexxayy?Youmakingmehavingasecondthought. ;'(

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