Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today school was fun . But but but GF didnt' came to school. Haiya ! And im alone ? Not most of the time . I spent my time mostly with Rif and Hinz. Which was much fun ! Anw , early in the morning came late . And good lor . So i no need to read books. Haa. English was borin.Sooo , science was another good lesson. Where i could catch up with the topic. Recess was fun !!! Since im alone. The Adam's Family try to take advantage on picking a fight with me . While , Rifdi , Acul , Acit ,Hinz & Amat came to my seat. And so called protect ? Haaa .

So Rifdi and the rest starts to stare at them back. Yeahhh. And Sexayyy was there too !! Grr!~ So went back to class together with them. Ohhh ! I loveee them.So maths was fun . And guess what ? Sexayyyy came to school. And he did his homework. How brilliant ? I meant how he change that fast ? Ohhh sexayyyy . You're unique . And you are . MT did some reading for our CA1 marks. Still can laugh. Acting will be on next week. Then Lunch . Blab-blab-blab. Study Period. Haaa. OKayyy heres how our so called "Mat-rep" people shout like Bapok ? Like a big flied. HAHA ! I laughed like hell siaaa. Acul , Acit , Lan & Amat shouted like Bapok kt Geylang jerrrr. While Rifdi ? Steadyyyyy jerrr. Awwwwww! Cute per lu ? Then all stand on their chair. HAHA! Siak siak . Okayyy. So after school , i went back home straight to meet GF at interchange . And off to my crib. Chillax while i get changed. Then went to CWP. Meet my parent.

We eat . Like mcm orang giler. Then off to meet the cutie couple. While mom and dad went home . So after that GF and her sis went home. Sent syaza home. And both i and Nash went back to school. To wait for My BF . Haaa. Anw , till 6.10+. Went home. While saw Rif went back home with the Mop and Dustpan. Haaa. Alright. Im tired. And GF are asleep now. Its like 2137hr.