Friday, February 20, 2009

Aye aye. Today school. Okayyy not the real school. But Parent Meeting. And so fun siaa ! -.- Padahal Padahal! So mom going not dad. Start at 0830hr. And i wake up at 0730hr. Had a very fresh morning. Owww ! Nice. When bath. While Mom do the some cleaning at the kitchen since she had already bath since dad went to work at 0630hr. So after finish bath , dress up . Mom go and touch up her face. -.- Lawa-lawa , good. Then off to school. Miss 901 bus. Went to 900. The bus came and we thought it wound'nt wait for us. Then mom shouted "Ehk lekas-lekas , Bus tunggu tuh." Go translate!! Thanks larh Mr Bus driver. Who could have thought it would wait for us since we are a far distance for it ? Then reached interchange saw Kai Bin with mom. And Yana with mom. Hmm, why most parent are mom(s) ehk ?*scratching head*

Once reached school. We're not late larh seyyy. Registered and went up to the hall. Wowwwww! Many people already huh ? Miss something ? Then soon the speech starts. Yada-papaya. Finish ! Sexayyy didnt came so as his parent! Anw, 4_TEAM_8 parents need to gathered one corner to talk about the N-lvl fees. Then finish ! Talked to Qima for awhile. Then went CWP with mom to had our Breakfast. I bought one set of pancake + McGriddle. Alot ? Yummmms ! Then went jln-jln for awhile. Bought some foods. Then went shooping ! I didnt expect to go shopping early in the morning with my dear love-able mommy. Then mom bought 3 polo shirt for daddy. 2 shirt for her. 1 shirt for brother Fam. And a beautiful retro jacket for me ! Wowwww ?!!??!!?!?!? Guess how much it cost ? $49.90. I was joking around that i want that jacket. But she persude me to buy it. So ? Wait for what ? 2nd day of Christmas ? Then after that, went home sweet home. While mom went for work. I LOVE YOU MOMMY! <3>



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