Monday, February 16, 2009

Nice right the photo.
Aye aye. As you know. Im gonna talk about my good day at school! Guess what . Today was like not-so-bad-but-bad-day. Get it ? Bad thing when it starts early in the morning. Where i cnt find my school socks. And when i finally found it. It was wet like hell ? So need to where my very own socks. Becareful Farrah. Anw, reached school .. the boy who gave the command was kinda cute ? Haaa. Npcc guy. Okayyy okayyyy , then had Maths. Was blah-blah-balh. The boys at the back was super noisy larh. But sexayyy has changed these few days. Seriously. He has been a good smart boy. Coming forward to do Science quiz infront of Mrs Kok. *Kiss-kiss* Haa. Next up , English was like Three period. And that three period was like hell ? Need to do comprehension siaa. Swenk btol. Then Recess , followed by Science. Ow ! Today i learned that Not To Complaint ? Haaaa.

Since someone complain to Mr S that i joke around all the time. Snap back to reality Kudut ! If you're not happy with my laugh nor my jokes. Come up to me and face me like a bitch. Ow! I know that you're scared ryte ? Da larh kurus ! Mop ! Flirted ngn maair orang ! Cmoplaint kat cikgu. NCBB! Berani bilang aku arh siaaal!

So anw , After Science was CE. So we had a short talked by the teacher from ITE ? Yeah. So im thinking of taking being a chef ? Who knows im the one whose gonna cooked for your wedding ? *JENGJENGJENG* Abes sume saket perut , Haaa . After CE . Lunch. I asked Lan and Rifdi to joined us. Since the rest went for softball. So Lan,Rif,Me & GF. Had lunch together. We joke around. And GUYS ,only knows how to talking sh*t to girls ? Haaa. Ade jer Horny part diorang. Rif , Misai stop it ehk. Haaa. Rambot okayy. Lan , go cukor your kening back. More Matrep. So we had Study Period. Rif and Lan cabot. Action-action go Softball. BUTTTTT ! Sexayyyy didnt go. Cause he want to study ? Haaaa. He sitting ryte infront of me ! And his story was never a full-stop. Haaa. Banyak larh story dier. But his still have the sexayy looked ?Haaa.

After school , GF came to my Crib. Wohooo ! We camwhore ! NOT! Haa. After eating together , she go played comp. While i was in my sleeping beauty. Haaaa. Penat siakkk. Then soon , she went home . Then i played the comp. And walah. Night falls , and here i am posting!