Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Handsome? I know . Nie larh kite panggil SOPAN.

Well, today went very-very well ? But not the scolding part. School starts late. And im late for meeting GF at interchange. Yet, she went to school first. Grr!~ Haa. Anw, i took the bus at 8.05 ? And broom-broom-broom to school. I was alone in the bus. Soon at Rifdi house. He board the bus !!! Yeahhhhh . At least i have a friend to be late with. Hee. So went to school together. And reached the class. Not late !!! Yeapppy! And and home period, we get scolded by Mr S. Since we cannot shut our arse up. So blab-blab-blab. CPA lesson. Fun plus very the "Kan-Chong" since i havent' finish my coursework siaaa. Here i am stuck at page 4 . After that , went recess. Mr B acted so strange.

Science was FUN ! Studied about atoms and moluces ? Try to chtch up since i have been playing a fool for weeks. Next was Mt. And i LOVEEEEEE it . I was in the same group with Sexayyyyy ! Haaa. I went like what-to-do-next-when-a-hot-guy-sitting-beside-me face . Tmr we need to acted about what do teenages usually do. Soooooo , lunch . We had lunch with Hinz. Since he was sick . Awwwww. Take Care handsome. Haa , yeah right. Next was EBS . Did coursework. Rifdi comp was down. So he need to use the comp beside me. And guess what ? Soon after using the comp, spoit. Sweyyy sak tangan . XD Then some need to stayed back. To finish up our work. Till 4.15 ?!!!??!! Darn it ! Went home. Saw Rifdi , Acit and the rest . Hey Rifdi ! Shouting my name? Flirt with me huh ? Haa . Sexayyy is more sexayyy-ier. But i know some will melt looking at your Hot looks, right ? Xp