Monday, February 9, 2009

See how we enjoy our last year?
Today was super---b cann ? Play game with Linda-mannnn. Haa. Played cards that Mr K gave us. Best-best. Ouh! GF didnt' come to school today. Due to Fever or something. Anw, morning was great. Since Brother sent me school. With his JUNIOR. And first period was EBS. Okayyyy larh ehk. Miss Siti showed her husband photos during Karate Competition. K.O sak her hunsband opponent. Then Science was next. Get back our CA paper. And i pass !!!! Acit and Imah get Full mark siaaaa. How cool siaaa is that huh ?

Recess was boring. After eating, went straight to class. Then do nothing.=.= Erm, music was nest. Miss C didnt' come. Yeehoooo! So Mr C came. Do some english Homework. So ridiculous. Then Mr K came. Yeeehooo! For only one period left. We did some team work. Fun siaaa. The boys very the cute i tell ya. Especially the malay boys. Errrrr, next we have R&R. Darn it ! Boring. So we ignore and just do our English Homework.Lunch was Superbbbb Fun ! Sit with Linder---man and Liyana all. Joke around. About a bottle of Green tea. Then english was okayyyy. I tell ya. The softball opponent, the boys are hottt. I think. From far yes they are. But near maybe pecah? Haaa. So after school, the boys asked me to watch them played soccer. But since no girls around. I rather go home straight. See ?! Im' a GOOD girl ya know ?