Friday, February 27, 2009

FYI , His not my Sexayyy

Today i came to school. And everyone was like "Eh,okayy tk?". Chill people. Im okayyy unless i faint.Haaa. Thanks for the concern anyway. *wink-wink* So todaay was boring plus fun ? Since i have been away from school for two days. And i miss my BbyLove and Sexayyy. Well, first was , MT. And Sexayyy got into a fight. Chill larh guys. We are in the same class. Can't you guys settle this men to men. And not fighting during lesson ?! Pfft. I know i'm not helping , but hey . He joke around and you take it seriously. Something must be wrong ? So so so , MT was not a good mood for some malay student. Especially my Sexayy involve . And Mr Rumi and Mr See join too. Ouh please. Sexayy has cahnged a lot. And i mean it dude! Followed by PE . Where i got MC that i cannot join. But when its come to Badminton.I go changed and played with GF. And guess what ? Rifdi pulled his short to the highest level. And yes , his babat are very darn white. HAHAHAHAHA!

Recess was okayyy. Next suppose to be CPA. But instead Health Checkup. And suprisingly , Sexaay brought his Health Booklet. *Tap on the shoulder and kiss on the cheek* After that longgggg checkup , went for a short lesson of CPA .Sexayyy was just behind me. Awwwww. Meanwhile , Mdm S & J shared some few points with us. The rules and regulations. School ends , and i , GF & Yana went to buy "air batu" to cool ourselves up . Then went for CCA. CCAwas slacking to us now. Since i , yana , Kamarul and 2 sec 5 Hunks need to do some deco for our notice board . What a fun thing to do , we did some works and crap like shit since the sec 5 chinese student knows how to speak malay. We crap. And things get a little too over ? Yak Dis ! CCA ended , went dinner with GF. And brooooooooom ! Home-sweet-home! :)