Friday, March 20, 2009

First announcement that made both my Parent very proud of my Brother Fadly;

Congragulation that you got selected to
become the only TRAFFIC POLICE in your whole squad!!!!!!!!

Today plan is to go out with parent to Home Team Academy . And celebrate his achievement!Yeahhhhhh ! Around 11 in the morning. He called and told my parent that he's becoming a TP man ! Haaaa. So parent came home early than usual. Got home fast. Eat our late lunch. Got ready. And went out. Brother Fam did not followed as his friend got OP today. Soon reached there. Waiting like sooo fsdbgadbgabbgfhj longgggg . Till Dad fell asleep. HAHAHA! Cause around that time , he would be at home sleeping after longgggg hours of working. Haaa. He complaint that why don't they served the food first then wait for this "VIP" to come. I and Mom bursted out laughing. Then the new member joined us. The "VIP" came. Speech. Speech. Give out certificate. And Easting time!!! Took pictures . And soon went to took all his belonging at his room. Went home straight. While he go enjoy with his friends. The 2 huge bulky bag was full of clothes. -____-" Da pakai lawa-lawa . Then kene bawak pulak ! Sigh. And we reached home. Now posting. Early as i had nothing better to do. (;