Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aye aye aye. Bad mood nowdays. Darn it ! And yessssss , dont' talk about a longggggggggggggggg friendship to me. You know what ? I had enough. And i moved on dude. But i got a little few words for you. And i know you read my blog. So enjoy what i wrote about you aye ? So any , school was funnnnn without that F* in my list. I make every minutes the best day i can make. Well, lessons went well. Sooo well till i can catch up with my exam since i miss few lesson during my MC days. Erm , 2 march post was just a warning. So heres the real. I make it clear. And finale. I won't make you cry after this aye ? Yes yes , im a bad girl. Call me whatever you want. Lalalalala ~
Okay dude , before i say anything.
Warning 1 , Dont' cry kay ?? Warning 2 , get ready for tissue box beside ya! .... So it all started on monday right ? The time you called me a pukim**. Well, my mom included ?! Haaaa. Now that very "OUCH!" Anyway , all i could say is that you are a very and i mean it VERY good friend. NOT! You kept secret from us. And let me count how many ex you
have in the school ? Ouh! 18 . Wooow. Nice number you have there. And you told
us all bastard you ? And you want to bastard them back. Pheeeeew~ Lucky im not
one of them huh ? Or im gonna kick your arse up and down side to side anti-clock
wise and lastly , clockwise. Hmmm , whats more ? Let me think .........*tick-tock-tick-tock* Ouh! And Don't forget to pass your english. Then you can talkBIG. And i will keep quite aye? Thank You readers for wasting your time reading this post. Thank You.