Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aye aye aye. Today i went out! Wohooo ! At last larh . Run away from dad. When he asked me to follow him go people marry. -.- So went National Library to do our homework which now im expert with. *padahal-padahal* So met Ayu first at Bugis mrt. Near gardian. So went straight to Library. And did our homework. Soon Keem , Atty and Nana came to joined us . Then yada papaya. Ayu went first. While Nana went to the children side. Atty went to plaed her lappy. I and GF doing our homeworks. And soon after finishing. Search for books. Borrowed it.Acit called asked for ways to HMV. Chatted on the phone for a while. Where Rifdi voice was like romanctic-but-not-romantic-voice-more-to-philipines-voice like that.HAHAHA !!! Okayyyy after that went straight to the toilet. Where we camwhore infront of the mirror. HAHA ! And guess what. Now i know what young girls do when they see a mirror. Shiok-sendiri. Kan ? HAHAHAHA ! After that went out that quiet place. Rushed to had our dinner. It was crowded. And we ordered our food. And we had a not-so-big-but-they-make-it-so-loud-noise arguement. Should not elaborate it !

After that , planned to went to arab street . To chillax. And that place is where poeple went for S. Which not a good place for young people likeeee .... HAHA ! We found a place near Kampung Glam and sat there. Joke , Laughed and Chillax while hearing poeple jamming . Nice tune kannnnnnnnnn ? I know. Soon went back to bugis mrt station. And went back home. So reached home around 10.30. Which i was late for 30 minutes. But came back where everyone sleeping. The 2 Beroks went out. -.-And my money lost ! Darn it !

Webcam.(right)Where camwhore starts----->
i went like... "Qima POSE !" (right)Nana, "Mirror mirror on the wall ...."
Nana, "Jangan tutup muke NANA larh!!" (right)I said.. "Amek muke kite!!"
Night Falls----> (right)That longgggg wait to cross!
When a girl starts to talkssssss. (right)Keem, "Muke giler!"