Monday, March 9, 2009

Sometime i miss you , you know ?

Aye , here the thing. Today i had a very very very great laughed with GF plus with Linda too. Especially music lesson where we gathered as a group . Okayyy , in the morning , i receive a Fed-ex delivery from Nashimaro. A package! 0.0 Hahaa. Webcam by Deary syaza . Wenk ~ No CD but still . So EBS was first thing in the morning. Did someworksheet. And stuff. And i had a great stomach pain okayyy . Darn it . Then follwed by Science. Nice 3 period before recess. So did some worksheet. And then Riiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!! Went for recess.

Music next. Watched some video of MJ. Which mean Micheal Jackson not Micheal Jordan. Anyway , we make some jokes . Like sreriously make us wanted to go Looolooo. And it was RAINING somemore. Pfft. Then we talked about eyebrows can move about .. Blab blab blab. Then R&R lesson. Stayed in the music room since it was raining heavily. And water around. Aiya ! Then Lucnh time. Stayed in the class. I want to finish up my story book. Nice story but scary. HAHA ! English was fun. And entertaining. When Mdm S let us watched music video! After school, spent time with GF. Went home. Continue reading. Sleep. And walah. Currenlt chatting with alfis , Dude ! know how much i miss ya ? -.-


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